3 Tips this Holiday Season to Celebrate SMILES 2019

Wishing you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Dubai 2019

The holiday season is upon us!


Oh but wait this is not the greatest of news to them teeth with all that candy in the air!

Not to mention that our amazing brushing and flossing routines are thrown off balance a bit as well!

It is oky got you covered!

Here are my quick holiday tips for a tooth friendly Xmas and New Year:

  1. Make Brushing a Must: How about put a reminder, or a calendar or even a motivational chart to keep them brushing twice a day- download it here Brushing Challenge.
  2. Make Santa come early: How about a gift from Santa that has a dental theme? Along with all the gifts they will be receiving, how about we give them an electric brush that strengthens the importance of brushing this holiday season in their little minds?
  3. Keep off those cookies: Just kidding. But how about giving them their yummy treats in the morning or afternoon and nothing after dinner. It takes one hour (or more) for sugar to clear off the mouth! This little shift goes a long way. Also how about getting sugar free varieties as much as possible!

For other tips to prevent tooth decay, please read this blog: Tips for Dental Care for your child: All You need to know!

and watch this video for more inspiration:

“To a lifetime of healthy happy smiles!”

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