Meet Dr. Yasmin

Dr. Yasmin Kottait
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Meet Dr. Yasmin - Real Life Tooth Fairy

Did you know that pediatric dentists are not the same as regular dentists? This is because pediatric dentists are specialised pediatricians of dentistry who have two or three years additional training and they only treat children. A good pediatric dentist has the advantage of having more experience with children and infants, and specializes in oral care for children and their dental health needs.

However, those of them with some extra super powers who make dentistry for kids not only less scary, but a whole lot of fun, grow into real life tooth fairies!

That is exactly who Dr. Yasmin is – a real life tooth fairy! Her commitment and dedication to pediatric dentistry goes beyond the classroom, not only through the many degrees and certifications she has acquired through her years, but also through sharing children/ parent experiences and collecting a wealth of knowledge and experiences. She is an award-winning dentist and a recognized authority on children’s teeth and health in Dubai, UAE

Whispering Powers

A pediatric dentist by morning and an award-winning tooth fairy by night, her mission is: spreading smiles and healthy habits to children. After becoming a unicorn in the dental world through her new “hypnodontism”, children and parents alike soon realize she is no normal tooth fairy – she also has magic kid whispering powers.

Most of the dentists are usually associated with pain and cries. However, Dr. Yasmin makes dentistry for kids not only less scary, but a whole lot of fun! After seeing Dr. Yasmin, kids show off their healthy, happy smiles and a big grin on their faces. This is where her super powers come to life – she’s a pediatric dentist well known for fun and happiness!

Where else can you find a dentist dancing with their patients and doing TikTok videos? Nowhere! Except in the magical kingdom throned by this special tooth fairy.

If you are a parent who is scared of the dentist and doesn’t want the same for your child or you have a child who had a bad previous experience and refuses to open their mouth, look no further. Dr. Yasmin’s joyful personality and kid whispering super powers will be the solution you need.

Meet Dr. Yasmin
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Dr. Yasmin has dedicated her career to pediatric dentistry for the past 16 years and backing her up is a master’s degree in Pediatric Dentistry and three dental diplomas. Her two latest achievements were through a cognitive based hypnotherapy diploma from the UK, to add a much-needed psychological depth to her treatments and an extra certification in dealing with children with autism.

Educational Certificates

Certified Autism Specialist- IBCCES

Diploma in Cognitive Based Hypnotherapy

Masters of Science MSc in Pediatric Dentistry

Diploma of Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery (MFDS)

Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S)


Awards and Memberships

Dr. Yasmin is an award-winning dentist and a recognized authority on children’s teeth and health in Dubai, UAE. Throughout her career, she has won numerous awards and gained memberships in esteemed and prestigious dentistry bodies.


Award winner MEA Awards, 2018 and 2019;

Award winner Dubai Health Care City Authority – Volunteerism Award 2019;

Award nominee for Year of Zayed DHCA Awards 2018.

Professional Membership

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry;

International Academy of Pediatric Dentistry;

European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry;

Arabian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry;

Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Award 2019 - best pediatric dentist
best pediatric dentist

International Speaker

If she is not spending her day treating children in her clinic in Dubai Health Care City, she is globetrotting and speaking at conferences – always advocating the best for children causes.

Dr. Yasmin is a recognized local and international speaker. Whether it is to other professionals (pediatric dentists and pediatricians) or the local mommy group or even to a group of children watching her famous play, Yasmin knows how to captivate an audience. So far she gave lectures across the UAE and Dubai, USA, UK, Egypt, and India, Oman.

Her enthusiasm is infectious when she is explaining about the inner works of children’s dentistry, whether she’s speaking at local and global conferences or at “Mommy Coffee Mornings”. Her passion for making kids smile can be equally seen and felt through everything she does.

In Aeedc, the largest dental conference in the Middle East and the second largest in the world, she has had the honor to rub shoulders with giants and experts in the dental field as a speaker 5 years in a row!

She is passionate to teach about topics dear to her heart such as changing a child’s nightmare to a fairytale in the dental office, special needs children, children of determination, prevention of dental problems in children, nitrous oxide sedation, ergonomics in dentistry, treatment of children with autism at the dentist’s.

Lastly, as an examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in the UK, she has been examining regularly in the UK and giving workshops and training courses to other budding dentists, teaching them secrets to the trade. Not only to excel in the practice of dentistry, but above all, raise the standards of care, the quality benchmark and practice the human side of dentistry.

Dr. Yasmin

Some of the Conferences Presented at

Aeedc – Dubai, UAE, Feb 2015-2020

Topics: Prevention, Dental Education, Autism, Ergonomics, Anxiety

Management, Children with Special Health Care Needs;

Sprig U – White Zirconia Crowns Tutor and Clinical Instructor, Feb 2020;

SDF (Silver Diamine Fluoride) – A new treatment to an old problem, Sept 2020;

Preventing Dental Decay – Dental Congress Dubai, Apr 2018;

Nitrous Oxide Workshops – 2015-2018;

Sharjah University – Dental School, Jan 2018;

Oman Dental Conference – Muscat, Oman, Mar 2016;

World Congress on Dental Research – Dubai, UAE, Nov 2015;

Hall Technique Workshop – Challenges & Future Directions in Pediatric Dentistry, UAE, Nov 2015;

American Dental Congress – Philadelphia, USA, Oct 2015;

Symposium on Prevention – Al Dhaid, UAE, May 2015;

MFDS Revision Courses (Part 1 and 2), RCSEd Dubai, Aug/Jan 2014-2015-2016;

School of Dentistry – University of Dundee, Scotland, May 2014;

Innovations in Pediatric Dentistry – Dubai, UAE, Mar 2013.

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Devoted to an international charity foundation serving less fortunate children in developing countries, her oral hygiene awareness campaigns and children plays (the infamous Sad Tooth vs. Happy tTooth) make such an incredible difference!


The vision for Big Smiles on Special Faces is empowering Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN), and Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs). The aim is to relieve their suffering and save their lives through preventative and emergency dental care, as well as create dental health systems to strengthen local and international communities especially those living under the poverty line.

Mission Statement

Big Smiles on Special Faces mission is to help every child with special health care needs and every orphan and vulnerable child towards optimum dental health and to care for every child with great compassion, ultimate love and dignity.

Big Smiles on Special Faces helps and supports children with special health care needs both locally and internationally.

The initiative works closely with many charity organizations to contribute to children’s health.

One of those organizations is DROPS. Your valuable donations and contributions are welcome and appreciated.

Do get in touch if you would like to contribute to a healthy beautiful generation or volunteer for another special child’s health.

childrens dentist near me
childrens dentist near me
Dr. Yasmin

As Seen On Tv

Dr. Yasmin gives children a voice, and becomes their advocate. Yet despite this, a lot of fights are yet to be won. She now has a regular segment on a popular channel, which is dedicated to children. This is just the beginning as much public awareness is still needed to help parents make better decisions for a healthier future generation.

Check out YouTube videos and TV appearances here.