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How can I brush my toddler's teeth?

Such a common question for parents dreading to brush their toddlers teeth? Who would have thought there will be a tantrum everytime brushing time comes! Are your morning and nites turning into one big brushing war? I know its just isnane. But brushing wars are so frequent and common in toddlers and in children until the age of 4 years of age.

We do realize that brushing is such a big part of regular routine to avoid cavities and tooth decay.

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Toddlers and children are such visual creatures. Therefore brushing charts are such a great way to make young children brush their teeth twice a day.
All you have to do is download this form here and place it in plain sight of your child’s eye. Every morning and every nite, give your child a sticker or a tick box for brushing. Two to three weeks of consistent rewards, help a child pick up the habit and completely expect it.

Reach it out to tell me what is your experience and whats your biggest pain.

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