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Brushing Teeth with Braces

How to take care of your child’s teeth with Braces: 3 Tips to success!

Does your child have braces on? Do his/ or her braces make your child’s teeth look yellower? Do you feel the need to constantly remind your child to brush after food!

We understand how frustrating braces can be sometimes. On the one hand we need braces to correct crooked teeth, or a bite problem….on the other hand we need to be aware of how braces can affect our teeth!

The sad news is that your child can get tooth decay if brushing and routine oral care is not followed carefully. This is because braces have the tendency to get food and sticky yummies just that: stuck! Stuck between the tooth and the bracket for quiet a bit of time. This leads to decay cavities happening eventually from all the acid working on the tooth.

Not to worry though: help is on the way.  

Here are 3 simple steps to keep your child’s beautiful teeth sparkling clean:


  1. Get the right kind of toothbrush

Brushing teeth with braces is easier if you get the right brush for cleaning between and around braces. Always make sure you buy an orthodontic brush! Cleaning isn’t any simple like cleaning teeth without braces because you have to clean between wires and brackets where there may be deposits of plaque. There are special mini brushes, too, which are designed to clean between brackets. You can have these carried in your bag to clean per tooth individually after a meal. Also don’t forget electric brushes are the deal! They keep teeth smooth and shiny for longer- meaning less food stuck between brush times!

  1. Rinse with a mouthwash regularly

If your child is 8 years and above, you can use a mouthwash regularly to help clean plaque deposits between teeth and the braces. This practice also helps to reduce cheek and gum inflammation that may be triggered by braces. It’s recommended to use mouthwash that can also protect against gingivitis and of course has fluoride to protect the enamel of the tooth from decay and cavities.

  1. Floss everyday

Don’t miss flossing even with wires on your teeth. Using it at least once a day is crucial to prevent plaque build-up and remove food particles stuck between teeth. Super floss has so many advantages over regular floss for kids with braces. Also you can think of Air flosser (which is an electric flosser) that can deliver mouthwash or water between the teeth. This decreases food trapped between teeth and definitely gum inflammation as well.

For more information about flossing and flossers read this blog.

Recommendations: How often the cleaning should be done?

Brushing and flossing both should be a part of daily dental cleaning routine. If possible, it is recommended to clean between all your teeth after each meal. If that’s not possible, rinsing your teeth with mouthwash after meals and brushing twice a day will maintain the hygiene.

A few tips for effective dental care with braces on:

  1. Replace your toothbrush every 3 months
  2. Don’t miss any of your appointments with the dentist
  3. Avoid carbonated drinks and sticky food
  4. Help you child with brushing until they are 10 years of age
  5. Replace a broken bracket that is trapping a lot of food if needed

Brushing teeth with braces requires patience and guidance from your best pediatric dentist in Dubai. Don’t forget to see your dentist for children regularly to keep your child’s teeth healthy and happy with braces.

For more about the topic please watch this video, leave your comments or questions down below and “To a lifetime of healthy happy smiles!”

For more information about braces: watch this video

So don’t delay your child his first Pediatric dentist visit, at our pediatric dentistry clinic in Dubai health care city you can schedule an appointment, we will be happy to give you your child the best dental care.

“To a lifetime of healthy happy smiles!”


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