Teething All you need to know! Dr.Yasmin Kottait

Teething: All you need to know! Dr.Yasmin Kottait

“Look new teeth are coming through!”

Teething All you need to know! Dr.Yasmin Kottait

Is the most joyous comment a parent can make with regards to the little cute baby toddler who is just smiling obliviously not knowing he is the proud owner of a new set of teeth!

Now I get these questions a lot in the clinic, doctor my baby is teething what can I do!

What tools should I use to clean my child’s teeth?

When should we use toothpaste?

How do I make my child’s diet good for his teeth?

Thanks for asking it too and thanks for being here.

Helping your child proactively teeth is a gift you can give yourself for the future.

Here are 10 tools to use to take good care of your children’s oral care for infant’s teeth early on, during teething stages:

  • Brush the first tooth: 

Their teeth need the cleanliness as much as our teeth do. If they already have teeth don’t be scared to brush their teeth for them. Early infant hood is a window where the mouth is actually acquiring its fair share of a bacterial ecosystem.

All this means is if you brush your baby’s teeth, he will have good bacteria in his mouth instead of bad ones. 

Starting on this habit early has many advantages namely:
    • Preventing decay this early on.
    • Brushing wars! never having to experience brushing wars if they are used to the habit of brushing their teeth.

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  • Teethers:

Get a teether brush and help him use it throughout the day. Keep it in the fridge and give it to him constantly so the teething brush massages the gums regularly and makes it smother for the teeth to erupt through.

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  • Chilled fruits and vegetables:

They are a charm! you get the vitamins in and at the same time the child is munching on something healthy for a change- not the couch or something of the floor or even the dog.

It is good to give it at regular intervals for the cooling effect to be maintained.

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  • Teething biscuits:

The secret ingredient to look out for is basically a bit of cinnamon that adds a soothing and calming effect to the gums.

  • Towels and toys:

Did you know that sometimes some children just prefer a chilled towel or even a chilled fluffy toy bunny? That can work out as a teething tool too.

Washed daily it shouldn’t be an issue at all!

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  • Teething gels:

There was a big scare from teething gels recently that can lead to problems for a baby – a condition called “Methemoglobinemia”. It simply means less oxygen in the blood reaching the infant’s brain. needless to say it is a serious condition and should be avoided.

The FDA issued a warning in 2012 warning parents against any teething gel that contains benzocaine. Therefore, there is a need to find a safer alternative like gengiegl. This paste contains hyaluronic acid- a natural component present in healthy gums. It helps the gums “heal” and therefore the teeth to break through much quicker much easier.

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  • Toothpaste:

A lot of parents are concerned about using toothpaste at this young age. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry children should use a smear of toothpaste as soon as the baby teeth erupt.

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  • Safe Diet:

A balanced diet is one of the best gifts we can make the child get used to from an early age. Servings of fruits and vegetables deliver the right vitamins to help those teeth to come out quicker. As much as we can we should avoid sugary treats and carbs or starches. If we would like the child to develop a sweet tooth and to avoid child tooth pain, this is the best time to do it.

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  • Massage:

A gentle massage can give your child a lot of comfort and lessen your child tooth pain. first, wash your hands, then massage the sore areas in your child’s mouth using your finger.

  • Delaying the introduction of any form of sugary snacks including honey maple syrup or even dates, cause this way you’ll let sugar from pooling around the teeth and creating a breeding ground for decay.

We do need to, realize though that they do have teeth and have gums:

By using these tools you’ll be easing your child teething pain and easing the eruption of one baby tooth after the other with ease and happiness.

It’s important to know that teething can be uncomfortable and painful, but it doesn’t mostly keep your child sick, so you have to make sure to book an appointment with your pediatric dentist when the first tooth appears, especially if your child has:

  • high fever.
  • Rashes.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea, or
  • Cough and congestion.

According to AAP, children must see a pediatric dentist by age one, who will make sure that all your child teeth are growing normally and there is no problem requires medical treatment.

Hope this helps! At our pediatric dentistry clinic in Dubai health care city we strive to give your toddler or child the best dental care for children they deserve and more. Pediatric dentistry for toddlers is not easy but it is super rewarding with these beautiful pearly white sparkly smiles.

Dr. Yasmin kottit - د.ياسمين قطيط

If your kids are scared from the dentist, bring them to see me 🙂

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