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Why are my child's adult teeth growing out yellow! Help!

Have you noticed that your child’s teeth are coming out all yellow! That they are much darker in comparison to the baby teeth?

Why are my child's adult teeth growing out yellow! Help!


Is that bothering you at all?

This is one of the most frequent questions we get from parents of 6 and 7-year-old kids who happen to be getting new adult teeth in. There are many reasons for them to be coming through yellow.

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. It’s just that:
    Yellow. The most common reason in the color difference between the permanent teeth and baby teeth is the difference in the tooth structure. That’s why yellow permanent teeth are actually the normal color! In permanent teeth! there is more dentin (which is yellow in color) and less enamel as compared to more enamel (whiter color) and less dentin in milky teeth.
  2. Plaque deposits:
    Sometimes when a child’s baby tooth turns yellow especially on the gum margin this probably is the build up of plaque that signifies bacterial activity!
  3. Decay spots:
    Sometimes when plaque buildup is allowed to stay for prolonged period of time, this leads to early signs of tooth decay. Early tooth decay is not typically black or brown; it can start as a white chalky lesion or even a yellow stain that is not removed by brushing.
  4. Tooth trauma:
    Children are prone to hits and falls. When a child falls on a baby tooth, there is a danger of it loosing its nerve supply and either turning black or turning yellow.
  5. Enamel damage:
    There is a new condition being recognized by expert pediatric dentists which is called “MIH or Molar Incisior Hypomineralization”.

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What is Molar-Incisor Hypomineralisation?

This is a defect in the enamel layer that leads to a patchy enamel appearance whether it shows as yellow spots, or even yellow bands on the tooth; this is a serious condition. MIH is a condition where the enamel of an adult tooth does not form properly. 

The problem when enamel is defective is that it no longer serves its job of protecting the tooth and the nerve inside. Most children who have MIH suffer from tooth sensitivity inability to brushthe teeth chronic pain avoidance of eating or chewing on the affected side.

They taken Dentists who place large restorations that keep breaking up!

The MIH leads to poorly-formed teeth in the mouth with many consequences that can happen.

It often affects their first permanent molar teeth and/or the central incisors! which come through when your child is around six years of age.

This is a serious cause for concern and you need to visit your dentist for children to tackle this issue.

We do not recommend whitening treatments or products for children, because time resolves the issue.

If your child’s teeth are stained have spots on them! or cause your child stress, please come in to see us. Our dentists in Dubai can evaluate your child teeth to find out any medical reasons for the discoloration and discuss safe and effective whitening ways.

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Depending on the reason, we always have a solution in pediatric dentistry:

Here are 4 main recommendations:

  1. Good oral hygiene:
    First and foremost regular brushing and flossing and good dental habits will resolve any issue any time. Especially if plaque is the main reason behind your child’s teeth shining yellow this will be instantly resolved and the gums will even be healthier.
  2. Trauma:
    If the discoloration is due to trauma, it is best to come for follow up care from the specialist dentist in your child’s oral health care. Timely intervention stops the progress of tooth damage and consequently the change of color.
  3. Tooth-Friendly Diet:
    It is best to follow a tooth friendly diet that does not help in staining teeth even more! Like colored candy with artificial colorings are really a tooth’s worst enemy! Not to mention highly acidic food and sour candy!
  4. MIH treatment:
    If it is confirmed that your child does suffer from an enamel defect, depending on the size of this defect, the kids dentist can be advising of the need for a fissure sealant. Read this Blog: Sealants: What are those? How do they protect my child’s teeth? protect the damaged part of the enamel. If the damage is more severe most expert pediatric dentists’ would advice of a crown coverage whether it is a silver colored crown or even an esthetic white or zirconia crown; covering an MIH affected permanent tooth does help the tooth stay in function much longer pain free and worry free.

Hope this helped !

Needless to say, whitening treatments or products are not recommended for children at all.

If you are still concerned about the color of your child’s teeth please do come to see our pediatric dentistry clinic in Dubai Health Care City. We can help you with your child dental care needs and whether your child needs a dentist for toddlers or you need some advice about children’s dental health; we are here to help.

Book your appointment today.

 “To a lifetime of healthy happy smiles!”

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