Root Canal for Baby Teeth

Pediatric Dental Treatments

Root Canal for Baby Teeth (Primary Teeth)


Sometimes bacteria causing tooth pain and inflammation hits the tooth nerve and when this happens placing a filling is not enough. To remove the cause of the problem or the child’s pain, we need to do a root canal for the baby tooth.

However, don’t let this alarm you; root canals are an easy and quick procedure for children and they don’t need the same procedure as adults! Plus, it only takes between 5-10 mins to finish!

When we do root canal, we always follow it with a crown. A choice of white (zirconia crown) or stainless steel crowns can be done for primary teeth.

A common concern for the parents is that if the baby tooth undergoes a root canal, the permanent tooth will have a problem. This is not true. No need to worry, root canals are easy and safe and they won’t be affecting permanent teeth at all.


The real danger of not treating the teeth is that the decay can reach the tooth nerve or the root canal. This can then lead to dental infection, meaning swelling of the gum or the face which is a terrifying experience for both, parents and children.

In cases like this, a pediatric dentist usually prescribes antibiotics. If the swelling and infection are severe and are endangering the child’s eye or airway, they are sent to the hospital to receive antibiotics through an IV.

As you can see, root canal is a better option for your child, and we are here to help you with that and the potential fears and questions you might have along the way. Let our tooth fairy, Dr. Yasmin do her magic and bring a shiny, healthy smile to your offspring.