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Dr. Yasmin Kottait is just amazing.

Dr. Yasmin Kottait is just amazing. By far the Best Pediatric Dentist in Dubai. Her clinic is very friendly towards children and my kids loved it. No pain, no drama, no tears, only fun dentistry! My son had two teeth removed and he was just asking about his gifts after treatment!! Wow this is magical… thank you a million Dr. Yasmin! I can’t thank you enough for helping my two kids. Best pediatric dentist ever, absolutely recommend her.

Ahmad Imira

Finding a great clinic can be challenging

Finding a great clinic can be challenging. My baby was suffering from pain from his teeth. I couldn’t trust anyone other than Dr. Yasmin. She directly discussed the options and we agreed on the same day. We had a surgery scheduled without having any delay. My experience with Dr. Yasmin was unbelievably amazing giving detailed information before, during and after the procedure, also advice on how to manage the new adjustments through recovery was discussed. She answered all my questions at any time of day as well. Having a collaboration between a dentist for children, a pediatrician, an anesthesiologist doctor along with a nutrition consultant in one place made my heart at ease and full of happiness. Thank you Mypediaclinic for being a part of my baby’s life.

Fatima Al Tunaji

Both our children had a major attitude change

Our child had a mouth full of cavities when we started the dental work with Dr. Yasmin. One of her teeth was badly broken down and we did not even notice it until she complained of intense pain that did not let us sleep one day. Now that all our older child’s teeth are fixed, she couldn’t be happier. We are also proud of the fact that our little one gets to save her teeth through constant cleaning and fluoride applications. Both our children had a major attitude change towards their teeth and health in general. They became more responsible adopting healthier habits and avoiding “sugar bug” producing food. As parents, we learned a lot as well. The best part is my two children love to go to the dentist, in fact, it excites them to go and they put on their best wear.


Mr Mohamed Ibrahim/ Ms Reem Youssef

All'inizio del mio trasfermiento

Dopo il mio trasferimento dall’Italia a Dubai, ho incotrato diverse volte la Dottoressa Yasmin. All’inizio del mio trasfermiento , avevo bisogno di un dentista di fiducia e le mie esperienze precedenti da espatriato in Cina non erano molto incoraggianti.
Anche se la Dottoressa Yasmin e’ specializzata in Odontoiatria Pediatrica in realta’ si prende cura anche dei pazienti in eta’ adulta dedicando grande attenzione e con un approccio estremamente professionale.

Boris dall'Italia

Dr Kottait is an excellent and incredibly gentle dentist.

Dr Kottait is an excellent and incredibly gentle dentist.

This is the first time I have written a Google review for anyone but it deserves. I had nothing but great experiences while going to see Dr Yasmin Kottait, who turned out to be fantastic. Unlike other places I’ve been, I’ve always felt welcome at her clinic by her and her team. I can’t say enough positive things about Dr Kottait and her staff! They are professional, yet personable and really care about their patients’ health and happiness.

Constantly do a great job in explaining everything that she is doing and listening to what I had to say. She kept me calm during all of my appointments and answered all of my questions.

My kids love her and are always greeted with smiles from her great receptionist. After seeing many different dentists I can say that Dr Kottait and her team are the best I have seen and I will continue to go there and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Shady Adly

she genuinely cares about her patients

I cannot express my gratitude in finding such a fantastic dentist in Dr. Yasmin Kottait. Dr. Yasmin is highly efficient and very knowledgable in her area of expertise. Beyond this, she genuinely cares about her patients and not only seeks to give them the very best dental procedures but helps individuals to form long-lasting positive attitudes towards preventative care and excellent oral hygiene.

Dr. Yasmin has not only provided effective dental work for my daughter but completely changed my daughters attitude towards dentistry, oral hygine and long term care, all demonstrated through a professional and caring manner, of which I am extremely grateful.

Lily Beynon

انا تجربتي معاها من حوالي 7 سنين ومن وقتها ما بروح لدكتوره أسنان غيرها

 أحب اشكر الدكتورة علي أخلاقها وحسن معاملتها للأطفال ودا طبعا متعودين عليه منها دائما انا تجربتي معاها من حوالي 7 سنين ومن وقتها ما بروح لدكتوره أسنان غيرها لانها بصراحه ممتازة وولادى كتير كتير بيحبوها واللذيذ انهم بيكونو مبسوطين جدا لما بيكون في ميعاد ودا طبعا علي غير المألوف بالنسبه لدكتوره الأسنان ولكن لانها بتعمل مع الأطفال بشكل رائع وحقيقي هدفها تساعد كل طفل عالحفاظ علي أسنانه أن شاءالله تحقق كل إلا بتتمناه لانها فعلا انسانه جميله وتستاهل كل خير وانا سعيده جدا وفخورة ببنت بلدي وان شاء الله دائما للأمام حاجه مهمه جدا لازم كلنا كاامهات ومن خلال تجربتي الشخصيه مع أولادى وتسوس أسنانهم لازم لازم منتاخرش في زياره دكتور الأسنان ومتابعه أسنان ولادنا ضرورى ضرورى

​رشا حلمي - ام احمد، محمد، عمر

the Panoramic x-ray was very insightful

It was a pleasure to meet you on 5 July 2017, when our daughter Preyashi, had her first dental checkup in Dubai at MyPediaClinic.

The facilities are exceptionally well equipped and the positive reception of your team and yourself were a welcome dose of excitement and interest in what can be, for may children, a traumatic experience never to be repeated again!

Certainly, we felt the energy levels in the room did not diminish and credit to you and your team for maintaining this flow and also, for ensuring Preyashi was aware at all times and participated in acknowledging the various procedures necessary for the dental check-up.

The tools and techniques applied to highlight the presence of “sugar bugs” and also of plaque were clearly demonstrative of the extent that these two aspects had and also provided reassurance that Preyashi’s efforts to brush twice a day and have a soda-pop free and generally low chocolate/sweet diet were paying dividends.

Finally, the Panoramic x-ray was very insightful and provided a meaningful explanation of how Preyashi will progress from her “milk teeth” to the full set of adult teeth. We have taken note of your suggestions and footnotes as regards what to monitor and how we need to manage this transition.

Harry Bayran

you connect very well with the kids

Seriously, you are amazing doctor…you connect very well with the kids…God bless all your efforts 🙏🙏🙏

Malak om Jad

We had a fabulous experience with Dr. Yasmin

We had a fabulous experience with Dr. Yasmin and her staff. You couldn’t ask for more friendly and professional people to pick to work or clean your child’s mouth!

Autism mommy

Her clinic was kitted out just for kids

Dr. Yasmin was great with my two children. Her clinic was kitted out just for kids, so was bright and fun. She even had a TV screen on the chair and asked what they wanted to watch! They have been saying “when can we go back to the dentist!?” She is very passionate about children and their teeth!

Jayne McKenna

Another success for MyPediaClinic

Another success for MyPediaClinic

This time it’s dentistry…Thank you Dr. Yasmine for Making my daughters tooth removal such a smooth and fun experience and most of all thank you for helping the parents understanding the process and making it less stressful. I recommend Dr. Yasmine heavily as she treats both parents and children.

Walid Chehab

Amazing dentist. She gets it. Kids.

Amazing dentist. She gets it. Kids.

Now a parent, I wish I had a dentist like her whilst growing up! I’m so grateful that my children are able to have a positive experience at their dentist.

From the word go, you don’t feel the anxiety of waiting for your turn, and then being led to the infamous dentist chair. Nope. None of that. None of the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (Johnny Depp version) flashback experience with the dentist!

First class service. She truly engages with your child & builds trust with them. At the same time, as a parent, you are provided all the information you need to make an informed decision, which is extremely helpful.

As a person, she is a delight to deal with & I can’t recommend her enough! Keep up the amazing work & the infectious smile!

Kamil Shah

his appetite has returned

Dr Yasmin did an amazing job on our son’s teeth. Since the surgery, his appetite has returned. He is resting well at night and his overall well being has improved. We are so grateful to Dr Yasmin for her wealth of knowledge, experience and dedication in helping us to restore and maintain our son’s teeth and oral hygiene.

Keaton Emsly

If your kids are scared from the dentist, bring them to see me 🙂