Comprehensive Treatment Planning for Your Child

Pediatric Dental Consultations

Comprehensive Treatment Planning for Your Child
(Toddler or Teen)


Bringing toddlers to the dentist is a scary task for parents! However, it really doesn’t have to be this way! Especially, if you bring them to our real life pediatric dentist tooth fairy.

Dr. Yasmin will be happy to have a conversation with you (or your teen) and introduce your toddler to a “Sugar Monster Free” environment. Through songs, play, laughter and a tour of the ‘Magical House of Dental Instruments’, she will prepare your toddler for their dental treatment without tears.

Dental Treatment for Scared Children

Dealing with toddlers at the dentist is not an easy task, but it’s definitely rewarding, especially when we see a happy child leaving with a special gift.

Book your consultation before the treatment and allow your child to adjust and familiarise themselves to the environment and Dr. Yasmin’s contagious joy and happiness! In this way, your child will be less scared, more excited about their treatment and maybe even look forward to a gift or a dancing video with their, soon to be favorite, pediatric dentist.