Pre-orthodontics (Braces) for Young Children and Teens

Pediatric Dental Treatments

Pre-orthodontics (Braces) for Young Children and Teens


Your child’s smile is not only a physical feature, but also an important part of their confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes the kids get shy and hide away their beautiful smiles because there is an issue with their teeth that is making them embarrassed. Whether it’s misaligned teeth or a shifted jaw, it can make a big impact on your children’s confidence.

This is why it is very important to consult a dental pediatrician early on and prevent any problems that might occur. Only one pediatric dental consultation can make a difference between a problem prevention and years of wearing braces and trying to repair the damage.

Brace are not bad

When is the best time for an orthodontic visit?


The best age to take your child for their first orthodontic visit is around 4 or 5 when the dentist has the chance of using preventative orthodontic methods. If your child is already past that age, you should take them for a visit after all the permanent teeth are out.

During this pediatric dental consultation, our pediatric dentist, Dr. Yasmin Kottait, will determine if there are any problems that need attention. Of course, not all children need a pediatric orthodontic treatment and the majority of them prevent problems by visiting us for a consultation. Also, many small issues can be resolved by pre-orthodontic treatment.

However, if an orthodontic treatment is needed, Dr. Yasmin and her team will create a personalized treatment plan for the child based on their specific needs. An orthodontic treatment can be started with an orthodontist while your child still has their primary teeth and then if needed, adjusted as your child gets older depending on their growth and dental needs.

What should parents pay attention to?


If you skipped your child’s primary orthodontic consultation, there are several things you can pay attention to in order to make sure your child’s teeth are growing properly. After seeing some of the obvious indications that your child might need orthodontic treatment, you will undoubtedly make an appointment with our pediatric dentist. However there are some other signs and indications for preventative early orthodontic treatment that are not so obvious, but are equally important for your child’s healthy and beautiful smile.


These include:

  • early or late loss of baby teeth;
  • difficulty with chewing, biting, or eating;
  • breathing through the mouth;
  • snoring or sleep apnea;
  • prolonged thumb/finger sucking or pacifier use;
  • crowded, spaced, misplaced or misaligned teeth;
  • jaws that shift or pop, that are too far forward or back;
  • frequent biting on the inside of the mouth (cheek or the roof of the mouth);
  • protruding teeth;
  • teeth that meet abnormally or not at all;
  • unbalanced facial appearance;
  • grinding or clenching of the teeth;
  • speech pathology.

In case you notice any of the above signs that can lead to dental problems, book an appointment with our tooth fairy, Dr. Yasmin, and let her help your child get the biggest and brightest smile, and the confidence to conquer the world.

What are the benefits of early orthodontic treatment?


An early orthodontic treatment can save your child from long periods of wearing braces as a teenager or an adult and trying to fix problems that could have been prevented with pre-orthodontics. It can correct any bad oral habits and prevent developing dental problems. Pre-orthodontics will guide the growth of the teeth and the jawbones and lower the risk of damage to the protruding front teeth, as well as guide the growth of the permanent teeth in their right position. All this will have an impact on correct biting and chewing and the child’s appearance, and establish long term stability.

In addition, if noticed early, Dr. Yasmin and her team can provide psychological counseling for prevention of bad habits development, such as prolonged thumb/finger sucking or pacifier use. This will help the child overcome this habit before developing a need for wearing an orthodontic appliance to fix their teeth.

What if my child is already a teenager?


If your child is already a teenager who never had a pre-orthodontics treatment, no need to worry. It is still not too late to provide them with a beautiful smile and increase their self-esteem. This is because a child’s growth complements their orthodontic treatment and their development will help put their teeth into proper position. Teenage years are an ideal time for orthodontic treatment as it will be faster and less discomforting than having it done during adulthood.

Getting braces at teenage years will move permanent teeth into their final proper position, correct bite issues, improve teeth function and facial appearance, as well as increase your child’s self-esteem.

Bring your teenager for a consultation and screening with our pediatric dentist, Dr. Yasmin, and she will give you a full orthodontic evaluation, along with a treatment plan. Misaligned and crooked teeth can lead to bigger dental problems, so make sure you book your child’s appointment on time and have an expert help you prevent or fix the issues and provide your child with a healthy and perfectly aligned smile.