Fillings for Milk Teeth

Pediatric Dental Treatments

Fillings for Milk Teeth


“Why does my child need filling when this tooth will fall out anyway?!” Does this sentence ring a bell to you? We know it does and we are here to tell you exactly why.

Your child’s primary teeth are extremely vital to their healthy growth and development. You simply can’t ignore any problems with them just because they will fall out one day.

The importance of preserving your child’s primary teeth lies in the fact that they help your child chew food, form good speaking habits and pronounce words and letters correctly, as well as guide the proper eruption of the permanent teeth. Not to mention the effect they have on the beauty of your children’s lovely grins!

Fillings for Milk Teeth

Sometimes, leaving the decay in milk teeth can damage the permanent tooth underneath. Pulling the teeth out would resolve the decay problem, but would also bring additional new ones such as: affecting their chewing, proper speech, their beautiful smile and biggest of all, shifting of other teeth and closing the space that needs to be maintained for the permanent tooth.

If the decay is too extensive, a pediatric dentist might suggest removal, but also recommend the insertion of a space maintainer, to protect the space where the tooth was removed, until the permanent tooth is ready to come in.

Whatever the case is, there is no need to be in doubt on what to do and if the fillings for your child’s milk teeth are necessary. Let our expert pediatric dentist, Dr. Yasmin, take a look and help you reach the best possible solution for your child’s beautiful smile. After all, she earned the “Tooth Fairy” nickname for a reason!