Children With Autism Spectrum

Dental Care for Special Needs Children

Children with Autism Spectrum


Finding the right pediatric dentist can be a challenging task for any parent, especially for a parent of a child with autism. Children within the spectrum need the best dental care and the prettiest and healthiest smiles too, so finding an expert in the field of pediatric dentistry for children with autism is not an easy task.

Children With Autism Spectrum



We take great pride in the fact that we can offer these children the best dental care and a piece of mind for their parents. Our Dr. Yasmin will take away all the scary and nerve wracking parts of that experience and fill it with relief, expertise and care.

Just like ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy) helps children with autism in their daily lives, it can also be used in their dental care.

There are so many tools developed for autism children like the ones used by Autism Speaks.

The aim of using these ABA tools is:

  • To help the parents prepare for the upcoming dental visit effectively;
  • To teach the child the importance of visiting a pediatric dentist;
  • To show the child the pediatric dental office, the dentist and everything expected at the visit to the dentist for autism in Dubai;
  • To help children and parents alike to ease up before the dental visit – no more anxious children before their dental visit.

Helping a child with autism have a perfect smile is a two way effort – from parents and from the pediatric dentist. Only by working together, they can help the child overcome all their fears and anxieties. As much as it is important for the parent to find the right pediatric dentist who can work with children with autism, it is equally important for the pediatric dentist to know everything about your child before the upcoming visit. Every detail counts and it can make the difference between a happy visit full of smiles at the dentist office or a frustrating visit for everyone involved.

For this purpose, we ask you to please fill up this questionnaire (Download) and resend it by email to: before your visit to our pediatric dental office in Dubai.

We have also developed some tools which might help your child to visit my office (Download). In addition, here you can find a visual schedule tool to help the child brush their teeth.

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How can I get my child to calm down at the dentist before going?


If you are wondering what you as a parent can specifically do to get your child to calm down at the dentist before the actual visit, here are some tips:

  1. Call us and let us know your arriving with your little one so we can fit them at the most appropriate time;
  2. Send us the filled medical questionnaire in advance;
  3. Review the social story before your visit as many times as you can;
  4. Show a video of other kids or cartoon characters going to the dentist;
  5. Pick a video from our Instagram account, preferably one where there is dancing with a child, so they can see that the environment is friendly and safe, and see the treating pediatric dentist before the actual treatment;
  6. Keep reminding your child of the need to see the dentist and that you all are going to see the dentist in a day or two;
  7. Bring your child’s favorite toy or favorite cartoon on their ipad;
  8. Bring a reward your child likes after having successfully finished the visit;
  9. Bring your beautiful radiant smile and let us take care of the rest.

We are always here to answer your questions and queries about how our pediatric dentist and office is an autism friendly dentist and clinic.

You and your child can also be a part of our success story at the pediatric dentist – drama free and tears free, with a beautiful smile at the end of the visit!